DEI Electrical INC



Recognized by engineering firms, manufacturers as well as distributors of medium and high voltage materials and equipment, Dei Electriqueinc. no half measures. The reliability of the installations accomplished by DEI is more than extraordinary. Everything is taken into account from the premium quality of the materials as well as the working methods used. Although we have 3 generations of experience in the field, our knowledge and know-how are constantly being upgraded.

For complex work off the beaten track DEI will be able to deliver everything to you without any problem.

Our staff, both competent and versatile, is there
prepared. Electrical DEI offers emergency service

Electrical contractor specializing in high voltage electricity

The diversity and scale of the projects we carry out allow our company to acquire comprehensive expertise. High voltage electrical work in the industrial and commercial sectors requires great rigor.


We offer you an elaborate range of services to entrepreneurs and industries, in order to carry out your projects.

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